Leadership Without Words

Executive leadership coaching with a difference.

What to expect in a workshop?

Voces Academy Artistic Director, Peter Hanke, has 10 years’ experience working with the global business market through partnerships with Exart Performances, the Saïd Business School (Oxford University) and the Copenhagen Business School, combining skills of the performing arts arena with executive leadership education.

Leaders are coached by Peter in a workshop that is similar to a masterclass for young conductors.  Throughout the workshop, participants sit amongst an ensemble of professional singers and are invited to step into the role of a musical conductor.  Leadership coaching in the music laboratory opens up for a unique conversation on leadership; heightening awareness of instincts and preferences and exploring a profound and personal approach to leadership.  This is a unique opportunity to delve deeply into new territory, exploring leadership styles through the powerful transparency of music-making.

A two-hour session covers vital aspects of leadership AC7A0463

  • Inspiration vs control
  • Teamwork and delegation
  • Timing in decision-making
  • Listening and communication
  • Big picture vs detail management
  • Leading skilled specialists
  • Managing in Matrix Organisations
  • Visibility
  • Productivity

Workshops can be tailored to address specific needs of organisations, including:

  • Change management
  • Talent management
  • Team building

Suitable for groups of between 20 – 30 leaders.

For further information or bookings, please contact Victoria Ely, victoria@vocesacademy.org


Testimonial: “Peter’s insight and ability to interpret all my preferences in leadership is really unique”


Why is Art interesting for Executive Education?PAPH6804

Art is connected with the concepts of novelty, innovation and authenticity, performance excellence and sensibility, and a special ability to unite people from different backgrounds and with different preferences.

During the workshop you are placed in the middle of an excellent music ensemble, consisting of highly skilled specialists. The challenge is obvious – How do you lead loyal people who know more than you do?

The reality for senior leaders is not far from this situation.  No matter which branch or specialist profession you derive from, you must invite every member of your organisation to join your own leadership journey.  Working with the musicians gives you honest, immediate and delicate feedback on your leadership preferences.

In this setting, your decisions and strategies are interpreted by your employees without words.  Only your gestures and bodily appearance indicate direction and precision, and the result of your leadership can be heard immediately.  Your personal leadership style is heard as sound, your ability to create structure and clarity, momentum and nuance of detail or overview will be reflected without a filter.  The elegant metaphors for conductor and orchestra, as many managers first perceive as a bit of fun, have just become surprisingly real.

Leadership dilemmas

During the exercise you can discover some important personal preferences and behaviours.  As all great leadership actions are connected with solving paradoxes and dilemmas, in the conducting workshop you have the opportunity to exercise your dilemma-approach.  How do you create an inspiring relationship with specialists knowing more than yourself?  How do you take charge and create inviting beginnings and clear endings at the same time?  Do you recognise the talent around you or do you put people under the pressure of surveillance?