Conducting Academy

Musical Leadership

The Voces Academy philosophy focuses on musical leadership just as much as on conducting techniques. Through mutual exploration of the conductor’s personal approach and inspirational abilities, an individualised map of how to develop great conducting emerges.

Effective choral direction can communicate inspiration, express articulation and phrasing, and take a position on musical requirements in such a way that the ensemble members feel both free to contribute and in great demand. The methodology focuses on elements of leadership in rehearsal situations, conducting technique and on the conductor’s physical communication with the ensemble, where all movement can be musical expression.

Musical leadership is the key, allowing space for individuals to develop their own authentic ways of leading effectively, building on both their own strengths and the contributions and ideas of the musicians with whom they are working. Voces Academy conductor training is uniquely characterised by focusing on philosophical reflection, communication and inspiration, developing tools and strategies to facilitate a fruitful dialogue between singers and conductors.

Voces Academy offer a range of conductor training programmes and events:

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